Should you outsource your digital marketing?

This is one of the numerous decisions management teams are faced with regardless of organization size. The approach to this question is very pivotal to the growth and success of the business. Decisions are often taken after considering crucial factors like skilled human resources, time and of course the big elephant in the room…budget.

With more and more solopreneurs and startups springing up every day, it’s harder than ever to market an audience whose attention span keeps declining. From SEO to strategy to social media and website design, marketing involves many aspects that might be difficult for one person or a few people to manage.

If you have a limited budget, lack the specialized skill set for a new campaign, or need to develop a breakthrough strategy for market penetration, it might be worth hiring an external marketing team.

That’s why we’ve compiled five reasons why outsourcing your digital marketing is a great idea.

1. Minimize your overhead

When compared with the cost of putting an in-house team together, you will find that outsourcing marketing is more cost-effective. Depending on the experience level, digital marketers in Nigeria may earn as little as ₦150,000 or above ₦250,000 per month. Multiply that by the number of people required for your marketing needs, and you may have to fork out over ₦1 Million every month. Besides offering a lower price point, you will work with experts, access multiple marketing strategies, and receive analytics to track your ROI.


2. Access updated marketing insights

There are a lot of competitive advantages you can get from expanding your in-house marketing team to include a third party. With their insight, you can improve your marketing campaign in a variety of ways. In most cases, these improvements lead to positive results, such as higher conversion rates, higher search ranking, and more.

3. Focus on other important tasks

Marketing is time-consuming. Everything from brainstorming new content ideas, managing ad campaigns or executing marketing strategies requires constant monitoring and tinkering.

If you’re struggling to find the time to handle your marketing, you should think about outsourcing your digital marketing activities to experienced hands


4. Improve Marketing ROI

Outsourcing marketing is an investment that can help launch new strategies across different channels, leading to further gains for your business.

With a team of industry experts behind your campaign, your business can drive more traffic, generate more revenue, and lead to a higher ROI

5. Easily scale your Marketing Plan

It can sometimes be challenging to scale your marketing plan with in-house marketing. The reason is, finding, hiring and getting new people adjusted to your system takes time. Even the cost of bringing more people in-house increases your marketing costs, which can limit your ability to scale your marketing strategy.

When you decide to outsource your marketing to full-service agencies like The Delta Company, your strategy can scale instantly. That is because they offer all the marketing skill sets your business needs at a lower cost


I’m ready to outsource Digital Marketing. Now what?

Outsourcing your marketing can help you define and narrow down your audience, refocus your energy on other business operations, and invest in your business’s future.

If you are looking for a trusted partner who can align with your markeitng objectives to achieve required goals, The Delta Company is here for you. The Delta has competencies in digital marketing and allied services required to help your organization meet set goals in marketing, improve ROI on marketing and overall, increase sales and revenue.

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